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Great poems from our database of over 100,000 poems by famous and some not so famous poets.

Poem Collection - 15

Extracts from Leon by Joseph Rodman Drake

Fragment by Joseph Rodman Drake

Hope by Joseph Rodman Drake

Lines by Joseph Rodman Drake

Lines To A Lady, on Hearing Her Sing by Joseph Rodman Drake

Lines Written on Leaving New Rochelle by Joseph Rodman Drake

Niagara by Joseph Rodman Drake

Song by Joseph Rodman Drake

The American Flag by Joseph Rodman Drake

The Culprit Fay Part 1 by Joseph Rodman Drake

The Culprit Fay Part 2 by Joseph Rodman Drake

The Culprit Fay Part 3 by Joseph Rodman Drake

To -- by Joseph Rodman Drake

To A Friend by Joseph Rodman Drake

To Eva by Joseph Rodman Drake

To Sarah by Joseph Rodman Drake

A Blue Valentine by Joyce Kilmer

Alarm Clocks by Joyce Kilmer

Apology by Joyce Kilmer

As Winds That Blow Against A Star by Joyce Kilmer

Citizen of the World by Joyce Kilmer

Dave Lilly by Joyce Kilmer

Delicatessen by Joyce Kilmer

Easter by Joyce Kilmer

Easter Week by Joyce Kilmer

Father Gerard Hopkins, S J by Joyce Kilmer

Folly by Joyce Kilmer

Gates and Doors by Joyce Kilmer

Houses by Joyce Kilmer

In Memory by Joyce Kilmer

In Memory of Rupert Brooke by Joyce Kilmer

Kings by Joyce Kilmer

Lionel Johnson by Joyce Kilmer

Love's Lantern by Joyce Kilmer

Madness by Joyce Kilmer

Main Street by Joyce Kilmer

Memorial Day by Joyce Kilmer

Mid-ocean in War-time by Joyce Kilmer

Mount Houvenkopf by Joyce Kilmer

Pennies by Joyce Kilmer

Prayer of a Soldier in France by Joyce Kilmer

Queen Elizabeth Speaks by Joyce Kilmer

Roofs by Joyce Kilmer

Roses by Joyce Kilmer

Servant Girl and Grocer's Boy by Joyce Kilmer

St Alexis, Patron of Beggars by Joyce Kilmer

St Laurence by Joyce Kilmer

Stars by Joyce Kilmer

Thanksgiving by Joyce Kilmer

The Annunciation by Joyce Kilmer

The Big Top by Joyce Kilmer

The Cathedral of Rheims by Joyce Kilmer

The Fourth Shepherd by Joyce Kilmer

The House with Nobody in It by Joyce Kilmer

The New School by Joyce Kilmer

The Proud Poet by Joyce Kilmer

The Robe of Christ by Joyce Kilmer

The Rosary by Joyce Kilmer

The Singing Girl by Joyce Kilmer

The Snowman in the Yard by Joyce Kilmer

The Visitation by Joyce Kilmer

The White Ships and the Red by Joyce Kilmer

To a Blackbird and His Mate Who Died in the Spring by Joyce Kilmer

To Certain Poets by Joyce Kilmer

Trees by Joyce Kilmer

Vision by Joyce Kilmer

Waverley by Joyce Kilmer

Wealth by Joyce Kilmer

Poets by Joyce Kilmer

The Thorn by Joyce Kilmer

The Twelve-Forty-Five by Joyce Kilmer

Into Battle by Julian Grenfell

Gifts by Juliana Horatia Ewing

Above the Battle by Katharine Lee Bates

Abu Simbel by Katharine Lee Bates

America the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates

America to England by Katharine Lee Bates

At Wells by Katharine Lee Bates

Blood Road by Katharine Lee Bates

Come unto Me by Katharine Lee Bates

England to America by Katharine Lee Bates

Epitome by Katharine Lee Bates

Felices by Katharine Lee Bates

First View of Mount Blanc by Katharine Lee Bates

Furness Abbey by Katharine Lee Bates

Glory by Katharine Lee Bates

If You Could Come by Katharine Lee Bates

Illumined by Katharine Lee Bates

Into the Night by Katharine Lee Bates

Let me be blessed for the peace I make by Katharine Lee Bates

Musarum Sacerdos by Katharine Lee Bates

On the Malvern Hills by Katharine Lee Bates

Pigeon Post by Katharine Lee Bates

Short Day and Long Remembrance by Katharine Lee Bates

The Falmouth Bell by Katharine Lee Bates

The Funeral of Phillips Brooks by Katharine Lee Bates

The Great Twin Brethren by Katharine Lee Bates

The Pity of It by Katharine Lee Bates

The Rest Is Silence by Katharine Lee Bates

The Tree of Song by Katharine Lee Bates

Thou Knowest by Katharine Lee Bates

To a Crow by Katharine Lee Bates

To My Country by Katharine Lee Bates

To Shelley by Katharine Lee Bates

Two Centuries by Katharine Lee Bates

When It Befortunes Us by Katharine Lee Bates

When Lincoln Died by Katharine Lee Bates

Yellow Clover by Katharine Lee Bates

Yellow Warblers by Katharine Lee Bates

A Day in Bed by Katherine Mansfield

A Few Rules for Beginners by Katherine Mansfield

A Fine Day by Katherine Mansfield

A Joyful Song Of Five by Katherine Mansfield

A Little Boy's Dream by Katherine Mansfield

A Little Girl's Prayer by Katherine Mansfield

A New Hymn by Katherine Mansfield

Across The Red Sky by Katherine Mansfield

Autumn Song by Katherine Mansfield

Butterfly Laughter by Katherine Mansfield

Camomile Tea by Katherine Mansfield

Countrywomen by Katherine Mansfield

Covering Wings by Katherine Mansfield

Deaf House Agent by Katherine Mansfield

Evening Song of the Thoughtful Child by Katherine Mansfield

Fairy Tale by Katherine Mansfield

Fairy Tale 2 by Katherine Mansfield

Firelight by Katherine Mansfield

In the Rangitaki Valley by Katherine Mansfield

Jangling Memory by Katherine Mansfield

Loneliness by Katherine Mansfield

Night- Scented Stock by Katherine Mansfield

Now I am a Plant, a Weed… by Katherine Mansfield

On a Young Lady's Sixth Anniversary by Katherine Mansfield

Opposites by Katherine Mansfield

Out in the Garden by Katherine Mansfield

Sanary by Katherine Mansfield

Sea by Katherine Mansfield

Sleeping Together by Katherine Mansfield

Song by Katherine Mansfield

Song of the Little White Girl by Katherine Mansfield

Sorrowing Love by Katherine Mansfield

Spring Wind in London by Katherine Mansfield

Stars by Katherine Mansfield

The Arabian Shawl by Katherine Mansfield

The Awakening River by Katherine Mansfield

The Candle by Katherine Mansfield

The Earth-Child in the Grass by Katherine Mansfield

The Family by Katherine Mansfield

The Lonesome Child by Katherine Mansfield

The Man with the Wooden Leg by Katherine Mansfield

The Opal Dream Cave by Katherine Mansfield

The Quarrel by Katherine Mansfield

The Sea- Child by Katherine Mansfield

The Secret by Katherine Mansfield

The Storm by Katherine Mansfield

The Town Between the Hills by Katherine Mansfield

The Wounded Bird by Katherine Mansfield

There is a Solemn Wind To-Night by Katherine Mansfield

There was a Child Once by Katherine Mansfield

To God the Father by Katherine Mansfield

To L H B (1894-1915 ) by Katherine Mansfield

Very Early Spring by Katherine Mansfield

Voices of the Air by Katherine Mansfield

Waves by Katherine Mansfield

When I was a Bird by Katherine Mansfield

Song of Karen, the Dancing Child by Katherine Mansfield

The Black Monkey by Katherine Mansfield

The Gulf by Katherine Mansfield

A thousand years by Lady Heguri

Between Your Sheets by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

The Sale of Saint Thomas by Lascelles Abercrombie

Jenny Kissed Me by Leigh Hunt

Jenny kissed me by Leigh Hunt

Revenge by Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Secrets by Letitia Elizabeth Landon

The Poor by Letitia Elizabeth Landon

The Power of Words by Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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