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Limerick Poems from our database of over 100,000 Poems by famous and some not so famous people.

Probably the best Limerick Poems on the internet!!




Thirteen Eyes

Ben Limerick

Old From Newberry

Podiatrist Oliver Frist

A Limerick to Esther LeClerc on Her Birthday


Eagerly Search

Poop in Your Knickers

Hairier And Hairier


A Farmer Named Bob

She Grabs Their Small Balls

Brain Analytic

Marriage Went Bust

Activism or Activation?



She Shouted 'No More'

Walking Soft Like A Hick

Quite Merry

Who Was Up Here To Ski

I'm Not Jiving

Breathing Power

Putin Limerick

Song From Heine

Power Plant

Thunder Bay Limerick


Take A Chance On Love

Two Pigs

Affirmation Over Prayer

I Said To Love

The Rainy Night

The Bridge of Lodi

Butcher Named Sam

Modeling In New York

Fat Cook

Certain Things Poured

New World Order

An UnHappy Limerick

Limerick for Christ

Andrew's Limerick

When An Image Occurred

Resident Kangaroo

A Plea To Nation'S Youth

In a Museum

Large Meal Of Brown Beans

Needed A Preacher

It'S A Tooth For A Toe

I'M Way Past My Last Summer

Don'T Need To Rehearse

No Kidneys Or Hearts

Sicker And Sicker

Transfer Of Wealth

Hear A Small Sound

Day He Was Thinking

Other Knee

Quite Dead

Were Losing Their Stuffing

Take Out Your Dream

Could Be No Hope

Curiosity Pays


Gracious Of God

Queensland Venereal School

Feel No Pain

In A Wook

Theresa-a Limerick

Angela-a Limerick

Just Because

Plane Made A Sound

My Hair


Amy Goodman

Really Wasn’t That Interesting

Two Pairs Of Tongs

A Poets Atonement
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